Video Calls from MHC (new)

As a temporary measure during the novel coronavirus outbreak we will implement visits through video calls.  Once the emergency is over we will re-evaluate the video availability.

Important Note:  Do NOT call us at the number you get the call from!  Always use the main practice phone numbers, 301-251-9800 and 301-434-0599.

We are currently using the following video platforms (all are encrypted end-to-end):
  • Facetime  - iPhone only
  • Google Duo - almost all Android phones (some older ones might not have it).  On iPhone it is an app that has to be loaded separately.
  • WhatsApp - both iPhone and Android, app that needs loading.

Insurance coverage: rules are changing every day.  As of today (3/21/2020), most insurances that we work with will cover video visits as a regular office visit, subject to copay, coinsurance and deductible.  If in doubt, talk to your insurance.